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An engaging word game that is a cross between Scrabble ™ and Dominoes.

The Game of Lost Letters

Lost Letters is a book of unique and challenging word puzzles where you examine patterns to discover missing words.

Word Lock Game and Matching Puzzle

Word Lock is a tabletop game of stealing and locking words. Two or more players compete to “lock up” the most valid words from 108 1- and 2-letter fragments.

Critters Card Game

Critters is a set of 100+ animal cards and 80 attributes cards that can be played in a variety of family games like "Escape from the Zoo". Each lasercut 2.5-inch card has an animal, a point value and attributes for its animal. Attributes are an important quality in playing the various critter games.

Hexanity Brainteasers

Hexanity brainteasers boggle the mind. They are great coffee table games for visitors at your home or office. To solve, rotate and move the hexagonal tiles until 12 distinct, valid words are formed.

Scrabblers Add-On for Scrabble ™

Scrabblers are sets of double letter tiles (DIGRAMS/DIGRAPHS) that are used to enhance Scrabble (tm) board games. Digrams are pairs of letters used together to represent a single sound, such as "SH".

A-Z Animals Puzzle for Kids

A large menagerie of 78 animals within 26 individual A-Z puzzles. Each puzzle has 6 pieces, with the entire collection totalling 156 pieces.. Each lasercut 2.5-inch card has an animal, a point value and attributes for its animal. Attributes are an important quality in playing the various critter games.


BXNGO is a series of family games for all ages. They are also suitable for people with dementia and alzheimers. Players must determine concept and contexts for language, math, symbols and other themes. Like BINGO, the first player to get five in a line wins. Other ways to play are available

Secret Decoder Rings

Each secret decoder ring is a brainteasing puzzle that promotes literacy. Each game has 36 words to decode. Words are decoded by rotating the outer rings. Each ring has 36 letters. The innermost set of letters is always fixed.

European Connections

European Connections is a magnetic board to let children learn about Europe. Connect countries, flags, resources, capitals, geography, history, heritage. Reinforces knowledge about various parts of the world.

Word Wheels

Word Wheels is a literacy game comprised of letter fragments on two spinnable wheels. Players take turns to make words from two fragments, one fragment per wheel.

ABC Connections

ABC Connections is a conceptual learning game for kids of 3+ at home or school. Your child can play solitaire or two or more kids can play competitively. This bingo-like game for ages 3 and up. A child can play solitaire or up to four kids can compete in this visual game.

Spell the Animals Magnetic Game

This game consists of 80 letter fragments that make up 40 animal names. As a parent, help your child find the 40 animal words by providing clues for the animals.

Caribbean Connections Game

Learn about the Caribbean in this magnetic trivia-like game. 90+ magnetic tiles including: - over 250 attributes (words) across 63 tiles - 38 flags.

Wordzzles - Word Puzzles

Wordzzles are unique word puzzles in a tray. Puzzle pieces are angular and contain two, three or four letters. Wordzzles come in three formats.

Magnetic Bingo Math

Magnetic Math is a strategic math game using numbers to trap, beat or outscore your opponent(s). Up to four players, aged four to 104, can play most games in 10 to 30 minutes.


Two different sets of snap together cubes that you roll to make random words. Roll the cubes to see what words can be formed with letter fragments. Set one makes two cubes for four letter words. Set two makes three cubes for five and six letter words.


Connect pairs of two-letter bigrams to form four-letter words and score points.

Word Worm

Make unlimited words from letter and letter fragment tiles. Snake your words like a worm!

Caribbean Countries and Flags

Match the flags and their countries in this Caribbean game. Plays like the old "Concentration" memory game. 74 pieces - 37 countries.